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This project is a creative economic model for a specific art market to sustain critical contemporary art. Please note that the texts and the concept of this project are still in beta version, which means that they might change during the next months.

The diagrams and the research offers a simple economic analysis of how value is created in contemporary art and proposes an innovative model that allows everyone to invest in art that matters with a new type of collectable objects.

The platform for selling unique digital art objects will be available in a few months.

Press material

- Images and Diagrams in High Resolution
- PDF text & diagrams' artwork, research & theory
- PDF text only of the artwork, research & theory

- Art Commodities artwork on Paolo Cirio's website


Contemporary artist Paolo Cirio created ArtCommodities.com and invented the concept of Smart Digital Art Objects. He also assembled the texts and drew the diagrams though his own research.
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Consultancy and assistance
Lauren van Haaften-Schick
Lee Azzarello
Christine Chee


The concept of Smart Digital Art Objects signed with PGP as well as the idea of the Signing of Artworks through PGP protocols are released with Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon the work non-commercially as long as they credit the artist Paolo Cirio and license their new creations under the identical terms.
This licence is negotiable upon dealing with the creator Paolo Cirio for proposals of partnerships and forks of the main concept.

With the conceptual artwork ArtCommodities.com, Paolo Cirio introduced the ideas of collectible digital art within a critique of the contemporary art market. The artwork is presented with diagrams and texts that subtly use financial and business language to persuade for changes in the art markets. It proposes alternatives of trading and collecting artworks for establishing democratic aesthetic values through a protocol called the Smart Art Market enabled by a large series of unique artworks sold for very low prices. This economic model is created through selling Smart Digital Art Objects, which is a format invented by the artist to authenticate digital art via cryptography.

In spring 2014, Paolo Cirio defined the general trade of art through cryptography for the first time, anticipating the rise of platforms such as Ascribe and Monegraph for trading and authenticating digital art on Blockchain. Beyond the technology, he focused on the socio-economic consequences of trading digital art commodities. He analyzed how to design and apply alternative instruments and models for addressing the present manipulations of the art market, which ultimately affect socio-cultural values.

The text offers a critical reflection of the financialization of the contemporary art world, and with irony and provocations it suggests investments and markets for art with social values. The proposals drafted are solutions for a sustainable trade of artworks and taste formation among artists, critics, collectors, and dealers for the advantage of society at large. The research integrated the proposition for an alternative notion of private property for art, and it examined the symbolic systems of values for economically sustaining the art world within an ethical framework.

The artwork considered how distribution systems, such as the art world, the economy, and technology, are mutually influenced by the flows of information they channel, such as art, its language, and social meaning. Ultimately, ArtCommodities.com explored how art can be the conceptualization of the circulation of itself.

ArtCommodities.com is published by Paolo Cirio Ltd, a company Registered in England, number 8188080. Registered Office: Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, City of London, EC1 N8PG, UK. Paolo Cirio Ltd. alone is responsible and liable for advice, information and services provided to its clients through ArtCommodities.com.